Today, I found myself driving to the TCEA MoodleMoot 2010 taking place in Ft. Worth. While you may not know it, I’ve found that I sometimes get apprehensive when going to such a focused conference. It’s a funny feeling to have to overcome…you know, that feeling that what you know and do on a daily basis just doesn’t measure up to what others are doing. This is a feeling I’ve had for some time in regards to Moodle…so much to learn, so many people who have been using it for years. I sometimes ask myself, “Wow, the potential applications are through the roof! Do I have the imagination to use it in novel ways?”

I share this feeling with you because I know that a lot of folks tell me the same thing about how what they’re doing doesn’t measure up to what *I* am doing. I laugh at that, knowing from experiences like the one I just shared with you that it’s normal to feel inadequate…The truth is, you aren’t…you’re being true to what you are learning and there is nothing wrong with sharing that.

The greatest antidote to that feeling is to embrace the new learning that comes at you…or if you prefer a different analogy, allow it to sweep you off your feet. I had that feeling tonight in a conversation, a portion of which is captured in the video clip at the top of this blog entry.

Tonight, after having dinner with folks from El Paso ISD (Chris Sherman and Earl Yaeger), another large urban school district, and Kilgore College (no names, sorry), I continued a conversation with Chris and Earl. It was no surprise there since I’d driven the 3 of us back from dinner and these gentlemen are very reflective about their work (great!).

Wow, the resulting sharing may well be worth the conference. I’m amazed at the great work that Chris and his team of 10 folks do every day in El Paso ISD. The video that is cited at the top of this is only a small part of the conversation. You’ll have to use your imagination to “see” what is shared, but it was clear to me that El Paso ISD is doing some AWESOME things. I console myself with the fact that they have 10 staff members, each an expert in something that can contribute to the whole product, but that they have DONE it–build a Moodle course on Technology Integration at Elementary School, as well as others–shows that it CAN be done and HAS been done.

The question for me is, Why am I not doing more of this? WOW!

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