Like many other Moodlers in Texas, I am eagerly looking forward to the MoodleMoot 2010 that will be held in Ft. Worth–I wish it was in San Antonio or Austin, but alas, not meant to be! The MoodleMoot 2010 kicks off with a bang, having posted Mary “MoodleFairy” Cooch’s Moodle 1.9:Teaching 7-14 Year Olds on its main page, like a great resource available for download, as shown on the page below (as of Thursday, 06/17/2010; 8:09 PM). I wouldn’t have noticed if Mary hadn’t pointed it to me, with the question, “Hi there, is this you?

Of course not! I was surprised to see the ebook PDF online for download and immediately fired off an email to TCEA’s Executive Director (Lori Gracey) and to the MoodleMoot site person in charge, Ken Task. The response was immediate from Lori to quickly remove the unauthorized PDF. From one source, the full link to the book had been up since last week, at least. The book was removed from the MoodleMoot site at approximately 10:00 PM on 06/17/2010, with a confirmation email announcing that fact 10 minutes later.

Given the ubiquity of content online, it’s hard to draw the line between what MAY be shared online and what may NOT be shared online. Those copyright lines appear to be drawn in the sand, in spite of best efforts.

That aside, wouldn’t it be neat if Mary Cooch’s book was indeed intended to be shared at no cost, either as a donation by Packt Publishing, with TCEA MoodleMoot participants? What an awesome impact Packt Publishing could have by donating a free copy of the book. Of course, respecting copyright is important, especially when folks like Mary Cooch have been generous already with YouTube channel of free video content and fantastic podcasts like the one shared via Moodle Mayhem. Consider this perspective on copyright:

“The content-owner industry is one generation behind the content-consuming generation. If one thinks of content as a product then it runs the risk of becoming a commodity that is hard to protect no matter how good or bad copyright laws are. Rather, engineer content to be delivered and experienced within a service model.” (Source)

Mary’s book is pretty awesome and well worth the purchase price. I’ve been studying up on her chapter on Hot Potatoes, which I’ve decided is well worth the time to read over and over again.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll consider attending MoodleMoot 2010 in Ft. Worth June 22-23! Here’s an overview from their web site:

A conference dedicated to users, developers, and administrators of the very popular, open-source program called Moodle. Whether you’re a beginner just learning about the power of Moodle or an expert looking for the latest gizmo, this two-day conference will provide all of the answers you need.

Hope to see you there! Moo!

In the meantime, some copyright in a digital age resources:

Full Disclosure: I regularly review books from Packt Publishing and have a copy of several Moodle 1.9 series books, including Mary Cooch’s Teaching 7-14 Year Olds. I also became aware of pirated ebooks (11/9/2009) of Packt Publishing a few months ago being made available via Twitter and notified Packt Publishing, asking them what was up…needless to say, they were surprised. Here’s that email:

Howdy! I ran across this link in Twitter and wanted to know if it was a special promotion or something for downloading Moodle 1.9 for Second Language Learners. It appeared as a tweet using the #Moodle hashtag. It was posted by “ebookboss” #ebb

If you go to the Twitter page, I see several titles from Packt Publishing: 

I suppose what’s amazing is that continues to allow this account to exist. What’s up with that?

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