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Summary Of Ideas For Using QR Codes In Libraries:

1. Provide point-of-use instruction at point-of-need locations

2. Have step-by-step instructions on machines like photocopiers and printers

3. Post QR codes by study rooms. Students would be able to check the

availability of a study room, and then book it from their cell phone while

standing in front of the room

4. QR codes in the stacks could bring up a list of LibGuides on topics

related to books in the call number range area

5. QR codes in the stacks could show where the ebooks would be on the


6. QR codes around campus could link to digital libraries or items from

special collections related to the different buildings

7. Add QR codes with your contact information to your library website

8. Direct users to a service that’s specifically aimed at mobile devices

users, such as a chat or IM reference service, or the mobile version of the

library’s catalog or databases

9. QR code to the online Ask a Librarian site could be posted at the

physical reference desk and at all public access computer workstations

10. Library tours – barcodes can be placed in different areas of the library

so visitors can access information relevant to that particular space. Audio

tours can also be provided this way.

11. Library Maps – Instead of just a map that has, Reference, Reserve,

Computer Lab on it, put QR codes for every area that has a web page, so that

the patron can go directly to that web page for more information.

12. Library reviews – if someone has done a review on a book or item, a QR

code can be put on that item, linking to the review.

13. Link to Phone number on a web page so people don’t have to dial the

number on their phone.

14. Link to a web page associated with an event by placing a QR code for the

web page on the event’s poster.

15. QR Codes can be posted at public service desks to advertise services:

Laptop checkout, fines, and book renewal information could be posted at the

point of service, the Circulation Desk, for instance

16. Help Desk info could be posted on QR codes

17. Tag exhibits (“Mobile Tag Closeup.” ACU Library Photostream.

18. Librarians can tag pre-formatted tailored searches for events and


19. Add QR codes to poster, flyers, and other library instructional or

promotional materials


Link To Full Site Available At

http://tinyurl.com/2w3eu2h ]

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