Earlier today, Michael Wacker on the MoodleMayhem list asked the following:

I’m trying to create a template that will be using Books as the navigation tool. I want to create a template of what we want to see in every session/book/module (whatever we end up calling it) and I’m wondering if there’s a way to copy books over from one topic/module/ session, etc to another? If not, is there an easy way to copy topics from one topic to another? I appreciate any and all help. 🙂

To this question, Mary Cooch replied the following:

It depends on where you want to copy your book to. You can copy a book from one course to another in the same way as you can copy other modules – go to the course you want your book in and click “import” Then when prompted to choose a course, choose the course where your book resides – select just the book  and you are on your way! If however you want to copy a book within a course, ie have it in several topics but onlly make it once -then there is no easy way in the default moodle. You will have to use the import function and import it back into your own course. However there is a module called “sharing cart” (which I confess I haven’t tried) but it enables you quickly to do what you want within a course –I * think*

Having NOT enjoyed the process of importing books from one course to another, I realized this was something I also had a need to be able to accomplish. As such, I followed up on Mary’s suggestion…needless to say, it works!

Installing Sharing Cart was as easy as placing it in the Blocks folder of my Moodle installation. Once there, I went to my Blocks drop down in a course with stuff I wanted to copy to another course–without the import hassle.

My source course:

My target course:

Note that after each activity, you see a special icon…here’s what it looked like:

Try it out! Thanks, Michael and Mary!

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