UPDATE 06/14/2010: Google announces SafeSearch Lock Update as a result of feedback from educators! From their blog entry:

We’re working hard to address this issue as quickly as possible and in a few weeks we will move encrypted search to a new hostname – so schools can limit access to SSL search without disrupting other Google services, like Google Apps for Education. Longer term, we are exploring other options like moving authentication to its own hostname so that we can return encrypted search to https://www.google.com.


A week or so ago, I couldn’t help but notice that image searches in Google that had been blocked before–because http://images.google.com was blocked–were now coming up without problem.

For example, a search for dogs on Google.com:
When you click on IMAGES in the sidebar, you see this image:

This certainly has implications for school districts who have been blocking Image Search on Google due to inappropriate images that pop up. In short, the blocking/content filtering going on in schools doesn’t really matter:

Simply, you can take advantage of a regular Google Search and access inappropriate content. Just doing a search on the word “inappropriate” gets anyone–including K-12 students–access to content parents, teachers and others in schools don’t want to see in teaching and learning situations. I was going to include a screenshot of that search but would have to blank out too much.
What will our response be as educators? Block and guard young eyes, or educate?

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