We wouldn’t exist, as a human race, unless we had evolved as the most effective lifelong learners in the history of the planet.” One of my favorite quotes so far!

I’ve been snatching a few pages here and there from Robert L. Fried’s book, “The Passionate Learner.” Here are a few quotes from that jumped out at me…for fun, I titled each of the quotes…sort of like what you might see in Bible quotes. I won’t provide chapter and verse, though (or even page #). You’ll find all these quotes in pages 1-45, though.

The loneliness of the solitary educator and the isolated parent, the school cut off from a vital connection to its neighborhood, the home and classroom that feel like totally other worlds to the child–these things must change if we are to raise a generation of passionate learners.

“High school was like a penance imposed for some unknown sin. Everything I ever learned that was important to me was learned outside of school. So I never though to associate schools with learning.” –A former high school student

The Passionate Learner is all around us, within us. It is the child who questions, who daydreams, who invests problems and tries to solve them. It’s the child who winces at injustice and wants to know how to make life fair. It’s the child who acts and then steps back to wonder why things turned out that way, who reads and then links the universe of the book, seamlessly, with that of her own imagination. Let us find ways to celebrate the eternal promise of the passionate learners that we are.

Children spend the first years of life solving problems all the time. They are born learning; if there is nothing to learn, they are bored and their attention is distracted. We don’t have to train children to learn, or even account for their learning; we have to avoid interfering with it. – Frank Smith

We wouldn’t exist, as a human race, unless we had evolved as the most effective lifelong learners in the history of the planet. As human beings, we are makers and users of tools. We just have to make sure that the tool we have invented, called “school,” has a handle that can fit every child’s grasp.
(Miguel’s Note: When reading this, it made me wonder how Creationists would interpret this paragraph).

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