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Although I hate to say goodbye to FriendFeed, what was driving me nuts was not able to post to Plurk directly. In fact, I want to just say something ONCE and have it go to all my favorite networks without duplication. You know…one social media network to rule them all. Unfortunately, no one tool does it all in terms of publishing content. I have to rely on 1) and then 2) either or (read more about RSS to publishing) will allow you to post your RSS feed for your blog, and then post it to Twitter. For me, this falls short since I want it to go to and then to everything else indicated in the image above. will post RSS feed content–such as from your blog–straight to and once that happens, my content will go to all the networks indicated in the image above. I was hoping this would be THE solution, but apparently, not so…I keep getting an error (Update 05/23/2010 – Twitterfeed acknowledged the problem via a tweet to me earlier and shared they are working to resolve it!):

Note: I’ve blacked out my App key

My desire is to set this up and then forget about it. . .you know, once it is setup, just forget about it. I like the fact I can use PingDroid on my Android Phone (pictured in the image above, although you should see what PingDroid looks like on a G1 to the right) to push out updates that go everywhere.  I can use a web browser to access or PingDroid when mobile. Of course, I’m still stuck having to read updates from others via Plurk, Twitter, Buzz, Facebook in their own apps, but sharing ideas/information has never been easier!

I’d looked at Ping.FM as a way to accomplish this a few months ago and had decided to stick with In the intervening time, though, Ping.FM has added all my favorite networks, including:

  1. – Mostly using this because it allows for more in-depth conversations, not that I’ve had any recently since I visit it so infrequently. Yet, some people hang out here and I have read stuff here I haven’t necessarily seen elsewhere.
  2. – This is mostly my “professional” network where I can interact with other educators and reach a broad audience.
  3. Facebook – This is my “public-personal” network, where everything I post is personal but limited to a small group of people I’ve met face to face, who aren’t co-workers (check Twitter for that), and that I can honestly remember meeting (a small group). I haven’t decided if these criteria will work, but this is intended to be a narrow audience, as opposed to Twitter/Plurk that can include just everyone.
  4. Buzz – Still not exactly sure why this network is valuable, but you never know. I have gotten some significant info from Buzz, but the interaction is quite different from Twitter and Plurk. Real content sharing there that is accessible from anywhere, including work.
  5. GoogleReader – I want to share something via Reader and have it appear everywhere.
  6. Around the – The feature to post content from new blog entries or a custom URL is nice, and the fact it goes to all my social media outlets simultaneously and instantaneously is just plumb awesome!
    UPDATE 05/23/2010: This is wrong. I wish would pull content via RSS but it does not. Sigh. Still have to use to post RSS related content for me.
  7.–> – Bookmark something and it ends being broadcast. For the record, I use for everything, but whatever I bookmark with Diigo automatically is posted to, and hence, to my social networks.

A few months ago, Tim Holt pointed out that keeping track of all your social networks can be very difficult. Ping.FM makes it easy to post something ONCE and then have it appear everywhere. Of course, you have to be careful of what you post!

From a social media perspective, this can certainly make it easier for a business/school district to get information out without having to juggle the networks and post to more than one at a time.

Here is what my dashboard looks like:

and you can track your updates from multiple locations via

Some of the clients I’m using include:

  • Nambu on Macintosh, although there is a dashboard set of apps, too
  • Gnome Do on ubuntulinux (thanks to Joel Zehring for that tip!)
  • PingDroid on my Android phone

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