You have to appreciate nice, simple tutorials like this one…performing the kind of work that’s often needed with Windows computers.

    • Using Linux to Disinfect Windows

    • Did you know F-Secure offers a free Rescue CD built on Knoppix for just this purpose? Let’s take a look at how easy the F-Secure Rescue CD is to use.
      Like with most everything, the first step is knowing where to download what you need… in this case that is from Once you download the ZIP and then burn the ISO it contains, stick your new disk in the infected computer and reboot.
    • That’s it. Linux has once again made life simpler. The system should now at least be clean enough that you can use traditional tools that run inside of Windows to finish up.

Here are some of my favorite anti-malware tools, some of which can run on UbuntuLinux after installation and others you can install on Windows:

  1. Avira-AntiVirus_Personal Edition
  2. ClamWin AntiVirus
  3. ComboFix (works great)
  4. WinPatrol – lets you see what’s happening, etc.
  5. Comodo Firewall
When none of those tools work, it’s time to backup and try one of these CD (or load them onto your USB drive using this free tool, which makes it all a lot faster!):
  • BitDefender Rescue CD
  • Kaspersky AntiVirus CD
You can find the links to most of these tools at’s 90 Free Windows tools, where they did a very nice job of organizing everything for download.