Have a netbook in your possession? I have access to a few and in spite of certain protestations, I’m always tempted to install a GNU/Linux OS of some sort. It’s kind of silly. My criteria for working GNU/Linux Operating Systems that work on netbooks is pretty simple:

  1. Don’t get in the way of what I want to accomplish, whatever that may be.
  2. Are light enough to keep the netbook running snappy, fast as if I were on a full blown laptop or desktop, especially during video playback
  3. Can work with Flash (which is why I don’t see myself switching to an iPad anytime soon)
Tonight, I’m giving JoliCloud a try after reading this review at MakeUseOf.com. Will it be worthwhile? I’m not sure. But I am confident it should work on my netbook! All for free!

Update: Well, it was an easy process to put it on a 1gig flash drive (using UNETBOOTIN) but I’m not that impressed with it. It does seem snappier than Ubuntu Netbook remix, but full Ubuntu seems just as fast. Google Chrome installed quickly and without problems.

That said, I didn’t quite appreciate what the MakeUseOf.com blogger meant when he discussed the Jolicloud. Essentially, you’re downloading a variety of apps for your netbook that can run in their own window without a browser. So you can run Gmail or whatever as an app rather than in a browser tab. And, there’s a wide selection of apps to choose from…

Hulu.com played very well…no stuttering or anything, surprising.

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