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Although I’m still hoping for the old Diigo toolbar that allows you to send highlights of a web page to a blog (which I use for my DiigoNotes), I was thrilled to experiment with the Awesome Screenshot extension for Google Chrome Browser! All the more so because easy image capture and editing in a browser on a GNU/Linux machine isn’t all that quick-n-easy-n-convenient…but imagine that combo of attributes for image capture/editing on Mac and Windows from the Chrome browser!

For Mac users, the easiest way to think of this is “Skitch” lite for any machine running Chrome. Although the Awesome Screenshot extension lacks all the wonderful features Skitch has, it will do the job that other more complex image editors take forever to do–quick, easy image cropping, quick addition of text annotations, and more! I had a bit of trouble getting the square and circle to draw exactly where I wanted, but that will probably be fixed in a subsequent release.

While there are many features I would have liked to see, the most essential right now is the ability to enlarge the font size of annotations added to the image. That’s it! Otherwise, an easy to use tool that should be your second to install Chrome extension (right after Diigo extension itself!).

Another feature that is scheduled for release is this one – Uploading to an online host site

That will be a handy feature to have in place…I hope that you are able to specify email address or account names with passwords, and aren’t locked into any one particular hosting site. Imagine being able to quickly email your annotations to Picasa (which stores them for Blogger), Flickr, or the many other image-sharing sites!

Image in process of annotation in Google Chrome browser

Screenshot right before being saved

Nice job overall, Diigo developers! You still have some work to do but this brings some nice functionality to ALL platforms running Chrome.

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