The conversation began innocently enough in a car ride back from a workshop. The person in the car was someone who couldn’t understand why I always shared my reflections online via my blog. “Why can’t I write my own reflections in a journal and not share them with anyone else?” The answer, of course, is no one has to do anything. Honestly, I feel it as an imperative to share what I’m learning with others, whether through published articles or blog entries. It’s a deep-seated compulsion that, as I tried to explain to my passenger, has its roots in my core beliefs. As I followed the thread of that compulsion, I realized that my desire to “share more” goes to the bedrock core of who I am as an individual.

Furthermore, just like I’d discovered that my early writings failed to consider the “whole” of my perspective–focusing only on the positive, ignoring the negative, the unpleasant–and as such, shutting me off from the full power of myself as a human being, my failure to understand the reason why I have to share were denying me access to fundamental energies I needed.
As I began to peel the onion, I realized there were unexplored areas that motivate me. And that lack of awareness of those makes it difficult to truly help others understand the power of social media, and the desire to publish at will. From another’s perspective, it is just so much ego and chest thumping…and *I* don’t think that’s the case.

Since I found myself trying to explain how important it is to share what you know and learn with others, I thought I’d write it down in a blog entry…that’s been a challenge. There’s so much that contributes to what makes me want to “share more” that it feels impossible to identify all the variables…it’s like pointing at the sunrise and saying, “That’s the reason why.” There’s so much represented, symbolized by the sunrise that it’s almost impossible to explain it.

The more I tried to explain how important it was to blog and take advantage of social media, I found myself wading into my own spiritual beliefs. In no time, my conversation about the power of sharing tapped into core beliefs that flowed from my Christian roots.

Those beliefs include:

  1. Personal revelation is insufficient; that revelation must be shared with the Community so that it will benefit all.
  2. Don’t hide your light under a bushel basket; put your light in a high place so it will light the darkness. “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness,” as the old saying going around in my head from Amnesty International poster I saw so many years ago in college.
Now, I tried to explore each of the beliefs further down in this blog entry but gave up. That may either be because I haven’t thought it all through, or honestly feel that I don’t have to think it through…it “just is.” Kinda hard to explain, but since this blog entry has been sitting in the DRAFT box for so long, I’m going to hit publish and let it out.

Let it serve as an example of a poorly formed, incomplete blog entry, a failed attempt at making order from the chaos…in fact, exactly what the passenger in my car ride would never share.

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