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At lunch today, I had a chance to sit and chat with someone who has been visiting Honduras for humanitarian work–essentially, digging trenches, running hoses from water sources to faucets near the homes of villagers. He wanted my opinion on a video he had made, essentially a photo slideshow with copyrighted music on it.

Part of our conversation hinged around a variety of Mac related questions and audio recording issues, including the following:

  1. Digital Audio Recorder Recommendation
  2. External USB Microphone
  3. Speck See Through Cover for Macbook
  4. Marware Wrist and keyboard protection
  5. Podcast Safe Music Sources

1-Digital Audio Recorder
Looking for an inexpensive audio recorder you can carry in your pocket while climbing the hills of Honduras? Check out the $56.08 Olympus WS-400 –
You could also add this noise cancelling microphone for the Olympus for $16 – link
2-External USB Microphone
Get the Logitech external USB Mic…works great for easy stuff, although you can spend lots of money on microphones. 
3-Speck See Through Cover for Macbook
You can get a see-through clear protection for your Macbook, which has worked great for us. (highly recommended)
4-Marware Wrist/Keyboard Protection
Find comparison pricing for wrist/keyboard protection (highly recommended)
5-Podcast Safe Music

Here are some safe podcast music safe sites (that means they can be re-used, usually provided credit is given to the author):

  1. CC Mixter
  2. Creative Commons
  3. GaragebandBe sure to read the terms, especially Option 4
  4. Jamendo
  5. LoopSound
  6. Magnatune
  7. RoyaltyFree Classical Music

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