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ESC-20 will offer two Intel Teach courses at no cost for up to 15 educators each during this summer.  Please read this message to see how your district or campus can take advantage of this opportunity!

The Intel Teach Program is a research-proven, worldwide professional development program that helps educators enhance learning through the effective use of technology and student-centered approaches.  In these hands-on courses, participants learn how to:

* develop inquiry-based, technology-enriched projects and units to enhance student learning.

* use the Internet, online tools, and Web 2.0 resources as tools for research, creativity, and communication.

* align curriculum to standards while addressing and assessing 21st century skills. 

How it works:

Intel Teach uses a train-the-trainer model.  This summer, two courses will be offered for trainers:

Intel Essentials – July 12-15, 2010

Teachers develop an project-based unit plan that integrates critical thinking, research skills, and web 2.0 tools, such as wikis and blogs. 

Thinking with Technology – August 10-13, 2010

Teachers develop a project-based unit plan that integrates three online thinking tools developed by Intel. 

Registration is NOT through iLearning. To enroll a teacher in one of these courses, a district must first register to become an approved Local Education Agency (LEA) with Intel.  Many districts in ESC-20 have already done so.  Whoever completes the registration becomes the LEA contact.  This person will identify someone from the district who would make an ideal Intel trainer.  The trainer will attend one or both of the courses and be expected to redeliver the training to about 10 other teachers at some time during the next school year.  The training can be scheduled whenever is most convenient.  All training materials and support are provided at no charge.  However, districts may choose to offer teachers an incentive for attending the courses.  

An ideal trainer is someone who possesses excellent teaching skills, a strong knowledge of curriculum design, and comfort using technology.  This person must also hold a teaching certificate, although they do not have to currently be a classroom teacher.  Due to the length of these courses (32 hours), it is important that the trainer have time in their schedule to redeliver the training.  Persons who already offer staff development training, such as campus technology facilitators, might have an easier time delivering the course due to their schedules.    

If you are interested in having someone from your campus or district attend either of these courses, please contact Shannon Baumann at or at 210-370-5710.  

IMPORTANT: If a participant registers for an Intel Teach course and is not able to attend, we respectfully ask that he/she notifies Shannon Baumann ahead of time. This way we can accommodate participants on the waiting list. 

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