Below are my presentation proposals for the TCEA MoodleMoot taking place June 22-23, 2010. Find out more about the MoodleMoot online. Anyone else going?

Title: Moodle-izing the Writing Workshop

Short Description: In this session, participants will work on “moodle-izing”  the writing workshop. Learn how you can use Moodle to facilitate 4 components of the Writing Workshop with built-in modules, as well as safe, free, easy-to-use multimedia-focused Web 2.0 technologies.

Detailed Description: In this session, participants will focus on the 4 components of the Writing Workshop, including 1) MiniLesson, 2) Status of the Class, 3) Write and Confer, and 4) Group Share. Exciting Moodle modules, as well as Moodle, itself are available to facilitate the flow of the Writing Workshop, as conceptualized and described by Nanci Atwell, Donald Graves, and Luci Calkins. Participants will leave with access to a copy of a Moodle course set up to facilitate Writing Workshop in their classrooms using Moodle, as well as be invited to join MoodleMayhem, an online email group and collaborative wiki site to share ideas and course content. More information will be shared online at

Strand: Curricular Applications

Title: 5 Must-Have Moodle Modules

Short Description: Participants will learn about several different modules that enhance Moodle functionality and use for professional learning and/or instruction.

Detailed Description: Out of the hundreds of Moodle modules available, which ones should you choose for use in YOUR Moodle? If that is the question keeping you up late at night, then this is the session for you!  Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with various Moodle modules, as well as hear the presenter’s recommended Moodle modules. 

Strand(s): Moodle for Beginners, Technical Aspects

Title: Achieving NCLB 8th Grade Technology Literacy with Moodle

Short Description: The San Antonio ISD has implemented a moodle-based 8th Grade Technology Applications course that it is using with Middle Schools students to help prepare them for 8th Grade Technology Literacy Assessment conducted each year. Come hear our story of how Moodle played an instrumental role in changing how we approach teaching and learning in Middle school with blended instruction.

Detailed Description: In the last few years, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has been requiring school districts to share how many 8th grade students have completed a technology literacy assessment. The requirement has meant rethinking how we approach technology literacy in schools and its assessment. Since funding for third party assessment was not provided, school districts have struggled to find ways to assess their 8th graders. In the face of this, the San Antonio ISD decided to construct a blended course with assessment that focuses on Technology Applications:TEKS. Developed by Molly Valdez (San Antonio ISD), the course–with accompanying assessment–is available for sharing with other Texas school districts. Hear our story and share your own wisdom about course design and Moodle as a lever to shift thinking about how to approach unfunded requirements for technology literacy.

Strand(s): Moodle for Beginners, Curricular Applications

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