It’s no surprise that social media tools have the power to engage us, but how they are used varies greatly. They can be used by a parent organization that wants to protest how their school or district is serving their students, stage a march against the school board, or by the school/district itself to get the word out about the great things they are doing. Social media tools can be used in various ways. Yet, schools have a long way to go in their use. The power of social media isn’t realized because it can be used when is out of alignment with the way things really happen. When that occurs, “your people” can suddenly turn against you and get the REAL version of how things happened.

Using social media in the classroom, or as a way to get what’s happening out to the larger community, though, is powerful. Using social media to engage AND empower…well…that’s something many new to social media are still pondering. And it is to those folks that this video from  Hans Mundahl makes a difference to:

YouTube Video Link:–oM2oipbo

Check out the accompanying wiki.

Pretty nifty!

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