Barbara Smith from TxVSN shares the following at TCEA TEC-SIG Meeting in Austin on April 23, 2010:

  1. Increasing number of TxVSN Providers
  2. Participating districts: 271 current, up from 29 in Spring 2009
  3. Course enrollments in Spring 09 at 103, growing to 727 in Spring 2010
  4. Focus Groups – participate to provide info on what you need
  5. First full week in May, inviting receiver districts to share what they would like to see changed in registration, enrollment processes. What data would you like to be able to see?
  6. Feedback from students:
    1. HS Student surveys reveal “It’s hard”; “Didn’t realize how much time it would take, ” and “It rocks!”
  7. Independent evaluator – ICF International is doing the evaluation and will check on the following:
    1. Implementation of contract objectives
    2. Student performance
    3. Course trend
    4. Comparison to brick and mortar courses
    5. instruction effectiveness
  8. New “Our Providers” page on the web site
    1. Must be a footnote on a web site or flyer
    2. TEC 26.0031
      1. Notify parents and students of the option to enroll in an electronic course offered through the state virtual school network
      2. may not unreasonably deny the request of a parent of a student to enroll the student in course offered through the state virtual school network. A parent can appeal the decision a district makes to the Commissioner of Education. Some reasonable options that would be accepted on a student by student decision, not line item include:
        1. State assessment on that course
        2. Online course is not rigorous…this is going to be a bit of a hard sell because TxVSN courses ARE rigorously checked for rigor.
        3. Course is not offered at the time your District’s scope and sequence requires the course to be taken. Student wants to take Algebra 2 but they haven’t taken Algebra 1.
      3. As TxVSN adds courses, students are limited to 2 courses per semester. That’s a built-in buffer.
    3. TEC 30A.107
      1. A student who resides in this state but who is not enrolled in a school district or open-enrollment charter school in this state as full-time student may via attendance zone school district (pay for course)
        1. Unenrolled students may access courses but have to come through open enrollment charter school and your TxVSN designated contact person. Requirements for TxVSN District Contact:
          1. Help student enroll, 
          2. collect payment from them and at the end of the course, 
          3. provide some sort of transcript or final grade reporting.
    4. Ramping up advertising and marketing will appear in newspapers in your city. If there’s going to be an ad in your newspaper, you will be contacted via ESC and District contact.
    5. Lots of interest out there from parents and students.
    6. Central Operations: Barbara Smith –, 866-938-9876 and Brent Bakken with email:

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