Texas Student DataSystem.org Presentation
Brian S. Dawson, Director, Statewide Data Initiatives

You can view a copy of the presentation–hosted in GoogleDocs!!–online. More documents reside in the reference documents section of the web site.

  1. Texas Student Data System (TSDS) – operating under a single premise at Agency today. Access to actionable, timely and relevant data helps us all make better decisions in educating kids. I will continue to emphasize those words.
  2. Why are we here?
    1. To better serve Texas Education….
    2. To study education data collection, analysis and reporting…identify where we have challenges and where we should begin with technology, business intelligence and help us build a vision and a roadmap for education. We surveyed over 250 Texas districts, 18 regional service center, technology vendors in this data collection process.
    3. Significant burden to collect and submit data
    4. Limited useful data shared back with districts
    5. Develop new vision to address feedback
  3. Statewide longitudinal data system: defined as an education system that supports all education stakeholders–teachers, principals, tea program areas, policy-makers, etc.
  4. In the future, districts keep source data; load to DCD to automatically generate friendly reports.
  5. State-sponsored SIS will NOT be mandatory…All districts will NOT have to migrate.

Lots more info, albeit a bit dry…in Lencioni’s words, it needs more drama!

Anyone working on this will need to study the “new system.” What are the implications, changes that you see?

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