From Left to Right:
Jaime Casap (GoogleApps for Education), Kyle Williams (Postini),
Fabian Mantilla (Postini), Scott Floyd (WhiteOakISD)

(3.4 megs)

In this podcast, you can find out exactly what you get from GoogleApps for Education for free, and what costs money. This is a question I’ve heard lots of folks ask about, so I was glad to hear this explanation, as well as take the time to clarify some of what you actually get (or don’t). 
We also discuss what happens after a school district that decides to leave GoogleApps and Postini archiving/discovery solution, what format the data your email is in and how you can get it (PST or MBox). If you’re considering GoogleApps for Education, this is a must-listen podcast!

Podcast guests included Jaime Casap (GoogleApps for Education), Fabian Mantilla and Kyle Williams (Postini). I even dragooned Scott Floyd (White Oak ISD) when he walked into range of the digital audio recorder.

(3.4 megs)

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