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Christine Voigt (Email: cvoigt@bdhs.orghas proposed the creation of a new Special Interest Group for the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) that will undoubtedly touch the hearts of many proponents of GeoCaching, the use of GPS devices in schools and for hobby purposes, as well as GIS.

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Here’s an overview:

The goal of the GeoTech SIG is to bring together educators interested in technologies that help explore our world. These technologies could be a simple as a GPS and GoogleMaps to complex GIS (geographic information systems). This group would share ideas on how to integrate these geospatial

technologies into the classroom using sound educational techniques and project based learning. It is the hope that this group will help bring down the walls of classroom and get students outside to solve real problems, using geographic tools, and know they can make a difference in their community.

Some examples of projects:

Bishop Dunne’s GIS Program: 

Case studies published by ESRI Ed Community: 

Earth Caching by Geologic Society of America:

One question shared with me included the following:

Do you think this group will extend to not only GPS, but to the implementation of GIS in the education realm?  I’ve been working with faculty for 15 years integrating GIS into various curriculum areas and am certainly always on the lookout for like-minded educators!

And, Christine’s response to this question was:

It will most definitely be discussed as part of the SIG. That to me is the ultimate goal, to move people from basic integration of common gadgets like GPS into analyzing data via GIS and solving real problems in the community. I know there are people out there interested in this, we just need to give them a home!

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