Podcast #1 – First Session

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Podcast Script (Draft):
Welcome to this Around the Corner podcast with your host, Miguel Guhlin. This is the first of 3 podcasts capturing the fantastic conversations that were had by educators on the use of GoogleApps in Education in Texas. 
Today is Thursday, April 22nd and I’m in Austin, Tx at the end of the day after having participated in an exciting first day of the TECSIG Meeting. I want to give a quick shout-out to Tim Holt, Micha Villarreal for their support of this panel presentation featuring Texas educators, as well as Google.com representatives.
You know, that’s always been one of the big challenges of large organizations–they seem anonymous, tough to get in contact with. It was my goal in organizing today’s panel discussions to get down to the bedrock of information and sharing when you have folks sit down face to face.
The description for today’s sessions were as follows:
In this session, Texas school district panelists will discuss questions TEC-SIG members have regarding planning and implementation of GoogleApps for Education. Panelists will range from individual schools to districts that have embraced the use of GoogleApps, as well as others informed to speak on the subject of GoogleApps for Education. 
I definitely want to thank the panelists and will take a moment to name them, even though they do introduce themselves. Each did a wonderful job of sharing the information they had, as well as their experiences, and responding to questions from the audience. It was a packed room in the first session–which this is a recording of–and I actually had to run out and carry chairs in for the panelists to sit in. The hotel where the event was hosted also had to deliver two more carts of chairs to meet the demand.
About the Panelists
Panel Members – 
Michael Gilbert, White Oak ISD Superintendent
Jaime Casap, Google Apps Education Edition (Email: jcasap@google.com)
Matt Dawson, Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) (Email: mdawson@tcea.org)
Fabian Mantilla and/or Kyle Williams, Postini Services (Email: fmantill@google.com; kylewilliams@google.com)
Amy Mayer, Conroe I.S.D. Instructional Technology Coordinator (amy@conroeisd.net or urenglishteacher@gmail.com)

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