• Learning about social media is like learning about language. The only way to understand how social media works is to use it

    • Social media started to make sense. While I’d used the internet to stay in touch with people I already knew, now I was using it to connect with new people. Amazing people. Amazing people in education. It was like being at a never-ending teachers’ conference, or being in a school staff room that’s open 24 hours.

    • Trying to embrace the openness that defines social media, I created a wiki so that I could make the presentations available after the workshop and to share other resources I found.

    • The goal in sharing my online adventures is to encourage other teachers to give social media a try. If this not-so-techie teacher can learn how, anyone can!

      Steven’s call is for us to dig deeper. Theron’s is to collaborate. Mine is to connect. There’s a world full of teachers learning together, attending conferences virtually, and collaborating internationally–just a mouse click away.

    • Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto

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