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More districts and organizations are embracing GoogleApps for Education for use by students and staff alike. Earlier today, I was thrilled to learn of the Texas Computer Education Association’s (TCEA) adoption of GoogleApps for Education. Published Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) documents are well worth reviewing:

In a short email exchange today, Lori Gracey (Executive Director, TCEA) shared the following:

We were running Microsoft Exchange 2003 on an outdated server and had started having problems with our email system hanging up every two or three days. So we knew that some change would have to be made. Matt investigated the options available to us, which pretty much boiled down, after some discussion, to upgrading the server and software to run the newest version of Exchange or going to Google. While we were very familiar and comfortable with Exchange here and found that it worked well for us in the office, it was not a great solution for the board members. 

Plus there was the major expense of a new 64-bit server and the software licensing, along with installation and upkeep time. When Matt found out that we could, as a non-profit educational entity, use the education version of Google at no charge and with very little effort on our end to make the switch, it was obvious what we needed to do. Scott Floyd [White Oak ISD] also talked with Matt about what his district had done with Google, and that was the icing on the cake. So, to bottom line this rather long paragraph, our reasons for going to Google were:

  • Cost (free vs. approximately $10,100 for a new server and software)

  • Ease of switch-over (Google did almost everything for us and had it up and running in no time at all)

  • Ease of continued use (no support or maintenance required on our end)

  • Ability to access the resources anywhere we go

  • Collaboration tools for the board and staff

Coincidentally, Henry Thiele (Maine) shared some resources that are definitely worth reviewing:

Henry Thiele’s (Maine) Examples on the Use of GoogleApps for Education:
Questions and Responses (click View):

Pretty nifty. If you’re interested in GoogleApps for Education for your District, drop by the TCEA TEC-SIG Spring Meeting taking place April 22, 2010. That way, you can ask YOUR questions about why to adopt GoogleApps for Education for your organization of a panel.

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