“Good fences make good neighbors,” goes the old proverb and line out of Robert Frost’s poem. I’ve never understood it.  Does it mean the privacy afforded by the fence enables neighbors to keep to their own devices, free from scrutiny? I’ve never found THAT to be true. My neighbors seem to know what’s going on in my yard, as much as I know about their’s, fence or no fence. Does it means that the act of rebuilding the fence builds for greater camraderie? Hmm…I don’t care for my neighbor on the other side of the fence above. The family is too large, and there were roosters crowing one year until the Omniscient, Omnipotent Homeowner’s Association swooped down like a chicken hawk.

My fence–pictured above–needs mending and if I had the money, I’d have the powers that be tear it down and put up a new one, perhaps twice as tall to keep those nosy neighbors and their 4 legged critters out of my yard. But, I suspect that replacing a fence that’s been up for 8+ years may be expensive, and instead, I’m stuck doing the spot repairs, a fact my wife delights in. You know, the humor that comes from contemplating computer geeks doing repair work of any kind.

It’s now 7:32 PM on a Sunday evening, the sun is still shining and I’ve replaced the rotted cross-beam with a new one. Taking a fresh look at my fence, it’s showing its age. Replacing the rest of the beams, all rotting away as well, doesn’t seem as difficult as I’d imagined it. My dad’s hammer and saw clasped in my ten year old son’s hands, it may be that I spend next Saturday replacing all of them.

If only transforming education was as easy.

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