A short time ago, I took notes on Troy Hicks’ Digital Tools book. However, reflecting on my own experiences today with writing workshop, colleague Diana Benner and I came up with a few thoughts about digitizing the writing workshop.

On April 10th, we’ll be sharing our ruminations with the Heart of Texas Writing Conference participants–which, by the way, has its first part tomorrow in Austin, Tx.

Some of the ideas that came up in the conversation, and my apologies for poor handwriting and poorly designed images:

This image below is my way of getting at the difference between digital tools and how they are used by teachers/facilitators to manage the writing workshop vs how they are used by students/writers.

The following is a description of my understanding of a matrix of tools and how they fit into the 4 main components of writing workshop, for example, using a digital audio recorder as the tech tool.
We’re also working on an article on the subject and the outline is here. Has anyone else done this work?

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