Today, I had the opportunity to share inflict some Moodle Mayhem on folks from around Texas! While you can find all the neat stuff we–including Patricia Holub, Diana Benner, Tonya Mills, Molly Valdez and I– shared online, I thought I’d immortalize the positive feedback!! Thanks to all the TxDLA 2010 Moodle Mayhem workshop participants!!

Title: Moodle Mayhem – Expanding Learning Opportunities in Urban Districts

The following questions were rated on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being ‘Strongly Agree’ and 1 being ‘Strongly Disagree’.

The session was very useful: 5

Content was relevant and applicable to my needs: 5

The examples provided were sufficent.: 5

Appropriate media was used to illustrate the topic: 5

The program description for this session was accurate: 5

Speaker(s) was(were) knowledgeable about the topic: 5

Time was used efficiently: 5

Relevant supplemental materials were used: 5

Questions were answered appropriately: 5

This was an excellent session: 5

Sessions Strengths:

Good session, install, how to use, and learning concepts to deliver courses

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