Panelists at TxDLA 2010 State Conference

This is a podcast I recorded–although it ends abruptly since I had to step out–at TxDLA about an exciting new resource available to us all for online professional development.

At the TxDLA 2010, I found out about what may very well be an unknown resource in K-12 online professional development! The Teacher Network–a repository of hundreds of hours for faculty and staff–is….

The Network is an innovative way to connect to free, online professional development resources for career and technical education faculty, counselors and administrators. Search easily through hundreds of topics and teaching modules. It’s all in one free, easy to use site created by a partnership of community college professionals from across the state.

I encourage you to explore the web site, as it provides a rich collection of resources from around the world. While this resource is FREE TO USE, it was not free to create. However, we all get the benefit of what was created.

For example, consider the following SEARCH that I did–which the presenter modelled–sharing about Establishing and Managing Your Online Footprint.

When you click on the link, it takes you to the page (originating in Australia):

Note that you have access to the Slideshare preso, the audio of the file, and the transcript of the podcast! Great stuff to embed in your own Moodle or online course.

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