One of the most disheartening things to have to do is turn down folks who want to modify content on my wiki. It’s forced me to have a wiki for publication–obviously, an easy way to publish data for me–and another wiki to use during conference presentations where people can share content.

As such, I’ve been looking at GoogleSites as an inexpensive replacement for hosting my wikified content. Unlike others, I’ve given up trying to host all my content in ONE place but rather, I am choosing to post content in a variety of locations. What I would also like to do is have page level controls. One example of this is the Moodle Mayhem, which at this point, I have to grant complete access for. That’s OK for the Mayhem site, but not for where I share my published writings.

So, I read this email posted to the Google Certified Teachers’ list:

I just checked with our Sites product manager, and I’ve got good news.  Though we don’t have page by page admin controls right now, we’re working on it.  Though I don’t have a launch dat…”it’s on the top of our list.”

If anything, I’m learning to make my data portable.

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