Over the last 2 years, I’ve been trying to get a better handle on using Moodle. One way that was helpful was to use Twitter and “throw questions” up into the air. Another way was to scour the Moodle.org forums. To some degree, those approaches worked. But when I chatted with people, especially those being introduced to Moodle, I found they were looking for something a bit more familiar like an email listserv.

To support that, I’ve started a email group for Moodle. While it’s targeted at Texas folks, it doesn’t have to be just for Texans…I mean, my first request for Moodle help was answered by Mary “moodlefairy” Cooch in the United Kingdom!

While I intend to share more about the vision of Moodle Mayhem web site in the future, it’s my goal that folks who join the list will also be able to edit/add content to the wiki as collaborators.

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