This has to be one of the many reasons Microsoft has been chastised for the games it plays….

    • Microsoft Ends War on Macintosh with Office 2011

    • David Coursey David Coursey Thu Feb 11, 8:47 pm ET

    • The long war between Microsoft and Macintosh is almost over. It will end when Microsoft ships Office for Mac 2011, the release that ends Redmond’s decade-long attack on Apple computers in business.

    • Office 2011, due before the holidays, replaces the much-despised Entourage e-mail client and information manager with a real version of Microsoft Outlook created for Macintosh.

    • Intentionally crippled as a client for Exchange servers, Entourage was a sure way of keeping Macs from expanding their presence in businesses large enough to use Exchange and Outlook.

    • Critically, Entourage cannot import Outlook post office (.PST) files created on a Windows machine, making it impossible to easily move a user’s messages from Windows to Macintosh.

    • After a decade of crippling the Mac as a business computer, Microsoft is now embracing it. Or at least has decided there are enough Windows and Office users who also use Macs to make improved compatibility something now in Microsoft’s best interest.

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