TCEA TechEdge’s Editor, Marisol Valdez, took the time to respond to my wild, out of the blue questions that appeared in this blog entry entitled, TCEA and TechEdge New Policy. I appreciate Lori Gracey (Executive Director) and Marisol Valdez (Communications Director) for giving this their attention!

Note that Marisol states that the new TCEA web site should be out later this week!!

I’ve included Marisol’s response in its entirety below for your reading:

Hello Miguel:

I hope this email finds you well.

I have addressed the questions you sent Lori regarding the TechEdge. See below.

Will TechEdge continue to feature writers from Texas, or will it pull a “Tech & Learning” approach and grab content from the web to fill the magazine? 

  • Currently there are no plans to pull content from the web to fill the magazine. We will continue to seek writers from Texas as well as across the US.. We want to reach out to other resources to provide our readers with different perspectives and the latest information. 

Is it realistic to focus on generic themes for articles? I mean, if something great in leadership happens now, does it have to sit on the shelf for months before it appears in print? 

  • It is fairly standard practice to have an editorial calendar for a magazine. Though our goal is to adhere to the editorial calendar for each issue; if the information is timely and essential to our readers we can choose to run it – that is at our discretion. Another avenue we use to address current and breaking news is to communicate via our web site and our bi-monthly TechNotes. 

If TechEdge–which is rumored to have an online component–is publishing content all the time, what pieces will make it into print, and which will appear only online? 

  • As indicated in the letter that was sent to current TechEdge writers,  a digital version of the magazine will be available. The content in the digital version will be the same as the printed version. 

Since TechEdge is now publishing online, will it increase its publication schedule to monthly or continue on a quarterly schedule? 

  • Currently we will continue to publish on a quarterly basis for the next year. We will re-evaluate at year’s end to determine what our needs and the needs of our readers are and make adjustments accordingly. We hope to go to a six-times-a-year or more magazine in the future. 

What standards will writers have to adhere to <> ? Will these be transparent and published, will there be peer review, or what? For example, Who’s editorial opinion counts more, TCEA’s or an external consultant? 

  • Currently, the standards for writing will remain the same. The information will be updated and posted on our web site, as it currently is. (It should be updated by end of this week). TCEA has 100 percent control of all content in the magazine, editorial and advertising. Though we are working with an outside publisher, we remain the final say in what does or does not run in our publication. 

If you have further questions, please let me know.

Best regards-


Marisol Valdez

Director of Communications

Texas Computer Education Association

512 450 5408 p

512 476 8574 f

Thanks to TechEdge editor for responding! One of the positive points is that they will be going to a six times a year publication! Woohoo! Can’t wait.

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