Looking forward to co-facilitating a workshop with Diana Benner at the Heart of Texas Writing Conference on Saturday, March 27, 2010 in Austin, Tx I started brainstorming some ideas.

It’s been a night full of blogging–must have been that cup of coffee I had at Bourbon Street Seafood restaurant tonight (just awesome food!!)–and I’m feeling the need to sleep. But here’s the rough outline for two workshop ideas…I’ll flesh them out in the days to come.

Workshop Idea #1: Refining the Writing Workshop Structure with Digital Tools

In this hands-on session, participants will refine and revise their approach to the Writing Workshop integral to teaching and learning writing in classrooms. To accomplish this, they will use digital tools like GoogleDocs/Sites, and/or Moodle.

Presenters will show how a variety of tools can enhance the experience of Writing Workshop according to the specific stage of the workshop process. Some examples:

  1. Self-Editing checklist that is actually a GoogleForm or MoodleQuestionnaire so you can quickly see class progress in graphs
  2. Create a bank of online mini-lessons that students can watch and listen to again and again in an archive. Build that in your GoogleSites Wiki or Moodle.
  3. Facilitate sharing using recording tools in a discussion forum or Sites wiki. When doing the Circle at end of Writing Workshop, you can either play the students’ presentation of the audio (which they recorded when they were ready) or record the feedback students get so that it can be added to the written piece/recording shared. That way, students can come back and reflect on the advice provided by their peers.
Workshop Idea #2: 30 Ideas That Rock and Roll with Technology
Participants will have the opportunity to see how they can adapt a tried and true resource using technology. The National Writing Project’s 30 Ideas for Teaching Writing offers successful strategies and the session facilitators will use these ideas as their inspiration to blend technology into the learning and writing process.
Again, need to reflect more on these.

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