About a month ago, my family and I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile. I won’t elaborate on the misery we endured at AT&T’s hands…I was just grateful to get out of their clutches. After reviewing various providers, I decided to take a chance on T-Mobile. Sure, I’d heard of poor service, but everyone I spoke to just bragged on them. And, after careful pricing, T-Mobile was my first choice.
(I shared my deliberations about which phone to get, my expectations, etc.)

In my previous blog entry, I had suggested that my bill would be $220 or less. Randy Rodgers pointed out to me at TCEA 2010 Conference that it was almost a car payment. However, my family uses phones extensively to stay in touch with each other, and I needed something with Internet access. I’d already tried Blackberry and hated it after a week, as well as played around with an iPod Touch. The Android phone, however, had features and was more “open” in terms of its policies. But as I looked forward to my first bill, I have to admit that I was sweating it…Randy was right…who was I kidding?

Today, I found out how much less my bill is to what I had projected and budgeted for. The bill is $151. For 4 Android phones. Wow! Please be aware that T-Mobile waived the $140 activation fee because my wife and I are educators. They also applied a significant discount to each line (4) and this significantly knocked the price down as well.

T-Mobile Rocks!! Not just in terms of competitive pricing but also customer service. Their web site is easy to navigate and work with. Where AT&T’s was cluttered and focused on them, T-Mobile’s had a different feel to it. And, Android is everything I hoped for.

In short, I have found the T-Mobile folks hard working and supportive. Every time I’ve called, they have been responsive and helpful in explaining features, problem-solving my charges to my phone.

For example, in the first 3 days–Friday, Saturday, Sunday–of having the phone, my family sent about 300+ text messages. When I checked the T-Mobile web site for account management 4 days later, I realized I had not added the unlimited text messaging. Our texting had incurred $20 in fees. Unchecked (we’ve sent over 4000 text messages since we got the phones), this would have been a hefty fee.

On Monday, first thing, I called T-Mobile and they did an awesome job of working through the problem and retroactively applying the unlimited text messaging to the beginning of the billing cycle. . .waiving the text messaging fees.

They then said, “When you get your bill in a month or so, don’t sweat it. Call us and we’ll work out what you actually need to pay.” My bill arrived for $308. They reworked the numbers in a 26 minute phone call down to $150.

Thank you, T-Mobile! This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!


Disclosure – T-Mobile is not adjusting my bill for posting this blog entry. I am sincerely impressed and that doesn’t happen every day with a vendor!

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