Not sure how I was dragged into a conversation on Moodle, but I’m grateful to have been invited. You can find the conversation happening among school district folks online here.

Michael Wacker makes an observation about using Google Buzz for the conversation:

Wow this is what Buzz is great for, aggregating great conversations and thinkers. I am thankful for all of this, I love the willingness to share. I think that as we move forward it’s so important to continue to share these amazing resources with each other. I will be as transparent as I can on this adventure and I hope more people continue coming in to join in the discussion. 

Here’s my contribution to the conversation, but you’ll want to see it all in context, of course:

Howdy! My team and I have detailed how my district approaches Moodle management/implementation online at

Included in that is the routing diagram that show the overall structure of Moodles in our district. After you’ve reviewed those documents linked above, please share any specific questions…obviously, there is a lot to consider!

In regards to the original Skype conversation above, while we’re using Moodle 1.9.x, I’m not sure I’d recommend starting out with Moodle 2.0 beta…in my district, we typically avoid beta products and if you’re building this in the hopes of crafting a professional learning community online, beta might not be the best place to start…unless everyone knows that failure is an option.

One point that I would also consider is whether Moodle is the right tool for the job. That’s not to say I wouldn’t use it to build a PLC, but that the focus on such a Moodle is professional learning. A PLC has other goals and objectives–in addition to professional learning–and as such, an Elgg might be more appropriate with Moodle as an extended resource.

The distinction appears to be made that Moodle is teacher-centered platform for design for “formal, directed learning” while Elgg provides “a space to explore informal, learner-led activities.” This is a powerful distinction to make and might mean for those who think Moodle is too…teacher-oriented that Elgg is an acceptable, walled garden solution 

I’ve explored that a little here in this blog entry and point you to other conversations:

The truth is that Moodle can be fitted to be what you want it to be. I would focus on your purpose then clearly articulate what can and cannot be done up front as aligned to your goals/objectives.

Thoughts on the issue?

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