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David Truss (Pair A Dimes) wrings his hands–figuratively–in this way:

Although Google Buzz isn’t causing my worlds to collide in such a dramatic fashion, I am keenly aware that it opens up my social communities and combines them in a way that I am not sure I’m prepared to do….

I tried linking Twitter to Facebook and all I did was infiltrate my non-twitter friends Facebook timelines with context-less tweets that really meant nothing to them… it lasted about 24 hours. Similarly, Buzz came out and I started chatting with a few people in it, then my daughter (a Gmail user who was quicker than I to figure out Buzz) said to me, “Dad you sure talk a lot about buzz with people.” And this got me thinking about how I’m normally very purposeful with my online identities. I think about where I say what, to whom and why… I contextualize my conversations to the tool.

My response, tongue in cheek certainly, follows below.

David, sorry to hear about the imminent collision (pack your towel, Hitchhiker), but this may be because you’re trying to bestride multiple worlds…as an educator, it’s important to be the same in all worlds. In fact, if I were invoking some sci-fi/fantasy archetype, maybe the Gate Between Worlds (Joel Rosenberg, Guardians of the Flame) would do it..but maybe not.

All the issues you mention really come back to transparency and better management of your digital footprint. I think schools, businesses, are having trouble with this because individuals want to be naughty but pretend they’re nice, or vice versa. In truth, we are having to decide once and for all who the heck we REALLY are and remember that no matter whom we deal with. What a refreshing challenge.

With that in mind, the importance isn’t on keeping worlds apart, but figuring out how to best align the planets to achieve confluence. For zealots and fruitcakes, planetary alignment signals end of times. For the well-prepared, it’s a once in a millennium opportunity.

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