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These numbers certainly represent the teens in my life. . .in fact, they represent many of the connected adults in my life. It IS a part of life, not just a tool to use to accomplish a work-related goal.

    • Text me, don’t call me.” Sounds familiar?

    • According to Nielsen Mobile, in the first quarter of 2009, the average U.S teenager made and received an average of 191 phone calls and sent and received 2,899 text messages every month. By the third quarter, the number of texts jumped to a whopping 3,146 messages per month. This is equivalent to more than 10 text messages per hour.

    • At the beginning of 2007, these numbers were only 255 phone calls and 435 text messages. Preteens on the other hand, receive about 1,146 texts every month.

    • We are in the midst of four distinct generations: Baby Boomers (born 1946-64), Generation X (1965-79), Net Generation (1980-89) and the new iGeneration (born in the 1990s and beyond). The “i” designation represents the “individualized” nature of their media.

    • Nowadays, it’s all about texting, IMing, Facebook texting, Skyping; pretty much anything but talking on the phone.

    • people must recognize that this is the new way and it’ll be here to stay; or until at least the next new form of e-communication bursts into our world.

    • They rather go online when they could sit and chat with their grandparents. They live in their own bedroom, where new technologies appear and penetrate society in months rather than years.

    • Technology for this generation is

    • a part of life.

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