Thanks to Susanna Garza (ESC-20)–shown left side above–for being such a deliberate presenter! I also appreciate the shout-out she made to Micha Villarreal (Ysleta ISD) and I at the start of her preso! Here I thought I was incognito….
The title of this presentation was, “Communicating with School Leaders.” It certainly highlights the importance of advocacy for teacher-librarians…or ensuring that everyone knows what you’re doing and how it makes a difference…consider reading Doug Johnson on the subject.
This podcast features a short introduction by Karen Kahan (Texas Education Agency), Ann Mason (State Libraries), and then Susanna Garza (ESC-20) shares her points about the School Libraries. Karen made me laugh as she asked, “Are you recording me, Miguel?” The answer? Of course I am but only during the presentation.
Here is a slideshow of some of the slides Susanna shared…love the list of challenges and then how she plans to overcome them.

Great information to share with others, especially your school leadership!

Listen to Susanna Garza

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