Dwight Goodwin, Birdville ISD

Listen to Dwight Goodwin

Some time ago, I wrote a short blog entry featuring one educator’s use of GoogleForms to create Civil War quizzes. I hadn’t met the educator–Dwight Goodwin–who prepared those, but we had a chance to meet (Thanks to Randy Rodgers) at TCEA and he shared his perspective on using GoogleForms with students.

For fun, I threw a few curve balls at him regarding FERPA, etc. to see what his response would be and I loved his answers! You’ll need to listen to him….

Dwight also shared how he’s using webcams and Skype in his district to connect to people in Uganda. Again, this was fun to discuss.

Listen to Dwight Goodwin

Thanks to ChristianStill for sharing the following image with me…it’s appropriate!

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