Photo taken at TCEA 2010

As many readers may recall, I was one of the first published bloggers to challenge Wireless Generation’s insistence they use handheld devices in schools to assess TPRI, DIBELS, CIRCLE, etc. The fundamental resistance flowed from educators who asked, “Why should we buy yet another special device when we have a room full of laptops, netbooks and desktop computers?

It was a question that Wireless Generation has finally answered, as you can see by the photos taken below, as they move their product from handheld devices like Nokia and Palm to the equipment Texas schools have in relative abundance by comparison.

A source that chose to remain anonymous at Wireless Generation identified my initial blogging about the issue here at Around the Corner as being THE catalyst for the change. Whether that’s true or not, I’m simply glad that a high-performing, quality company like Wireless Generation chose to be nimble, flexible, and responsive to the needs of the School Districts it serves. Kudos!

Note that where Wgen products are on laptops, they are running on MS Windows. No Mac or GNU/Linux platform was in evidence.

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