Lucretia Fraga, Higher Education Educator in San Antonio, Texas

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What a joy it was to run into Lucretia Fraga, a highly esteemed colleague from San Antonio, Tx at the TCEA 2010 State Conference! One of the benefits of walking the Exhibit Floor is who you encounter.

Lucretia shared some news about new legislative requirements–due to take effect in 2011–that would make Preservice Teacher programs at Universities accountable for new teachers introduced into public school districts. The period of accountability would be for 3 years. Professors are aghast, it appears, at the news that they would be held responsible for test scores of K-12 students in the classes of their once pre-service teachers, now inservice.

This short podcast also discusses Lucretia’s efforts in implementing a federally funded program that grants preservice teachers netbooks and iPhones, as well as other equipment, that they get to keep and take with them into the classroom. Providing ongoing virtual support is also another aspect of Lucretia’s work.

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