This observation about High School Technology Applications courses in Texas came into my inbox earlier today:

It appears that since the State is no longer requiring a Technology credit at the high school level, that all technology (and TCEA) is now being focused at the elementary and middle school level. I feel greatly concerned with the direction our state is taking in moving so far away from technology applications for upper level students. Anyone else concerned?

My response? No, I don’t feel concerned. School districts in Texas have had ample opportunity to build up their high school programs. By that I mean that core content instruction MUST blend technology into the very foundation of what they do. If that transformation fails to occur, then technology might as well not exist.

Another point to consider is that technology access is even more ubiquitous–through mobile devices–than ever before. Once the telephone became commonplace, was it still necessary to teach classes on how to use it, when to use, and what to use it for?

The real question is, where will the funding that once went to schools–the State Technology Allotment–go? Will it be diverted to other “worthier” projects in these tough times?

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