Apparently, the new Blogger Pages feature doesn’t like titles with the word “Google” starting the title off or Firefox is acting weird (I should have used Chrome, right?).

I lost some time and effort with Pages entitled:

  • GoogleApps for Education
  • GoogleApps Reflections

I verified the problem by clicking on VIEW in the screenshot above for the GoogleApps for Education page and received the error.

Fortunately, the 2nd time, I took the precaution of copy-n-paste and then named the page “Reflections:Google,” which is a listing of all my GoogleDocs/Apps blog related posts (well, almost all of them…there may be some I didn’t link because I couldn’t find them easily due to a missing tag, which is the whole point of the page).

Reflections on GoogleApps

I’ll be posting content from the GTA for Admin on the blog and linking it from the page above.

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