Copyright Fascism
Copyright Fascism

Want to post videos in your password-protected, walled garden of a Moodle virtual classroom? Well, forget it! That’s right, the Association for Information and Media Equipmentis making the following assertion:

Copyright law does include exemptions for professors who wish to use audiovisual media “in the course of face-to-face teaching activities of a nonprofit educational institution, in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction” — so long as the professor is not showing media that he or she knows has been made illegally. The university said streaming the video on a password-protected Web site, where only students who are registered members of the class can access it, satisfies these criteria.

But the trade group is arguing that a password-protected space on the Web is not a classroom. “The face-to-face teaching exemption allows a video to be played in class, not streamed to the classroom from a remote location,” Dohra said in an e-mail. “As to the fair use claim, when videos are streamed to students outside the classroom, password protection may limit access to some degree. However, requiring a password doesn’t make an infringement fair use.”

Dohra added, “A password that allows access to videos that are illegally copied from DVDs and encoded into a school’s platform is nothing but a password to ill-gotten gain.”
Source: Inside Higher Ed

As I read this, posting a copyrighted video within a Moodle is NO LONGER ALLOWABLE.

What do YOU think? Here’s one perspective….

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