While others are letting people go, the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) is seeking to build an awesome team! Are you up for the job? Check this information out!

TCEA is currently accepting applications for the new position of Advocate and for the addition of a second Training Director. Job descriptions for each of these positions are attached.

The Advocate will work as a lobbyist with the SBOE and the Texas Legislature to further the causes of the TCEA membership. The Training Director will develop and conduct professional development sessions in Austin at the TCEA office and around the state.

Letters of interest and resumes should be submitted to Lori Gracey (lgracey@tcea.org) by Feb. 26. These positions will start April 5, 2010.

I encourage you to apply and to join us as we work for the teachers and students of Texas!

Lori Gracey

Executive Director

Texas Computer Education Association

(512) 450-5400

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