“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

Thanks to all–especially Clif Mims, Kevin Jarrett, Henry Thiele, Wes Fryer and other commenters–who encouraged me to apply for the GTA for Administrators. In the end, I couldn’t see myself NOT trying to participate in the GTA, especially when it was being held in San Antonio, Tx. If my application is rejected, I can go about my business happily, knowing that someone worthier will have been accepted.

You can catalog my journey (in reverse chronological order):

  1. Rumor and Myth – GoogleApps for Education
  2. Aegis of Google Leadership
  3. 5 Google-Powered Leadership Expectations
  4. Be a Pepper, Too
  5. GTA for Admin – Ineffable
  6. No excuses video
  7. Google Apps in the Classroom
  8. Digital Crescent – How Does Your Team Collaborate?

And, no doubts as to the quality of my video. It stinks. I’ve seen plenty of YouTube teens with videos exhibiting greater engagement…I considered a Star Wars parody but decided I’d be the only one laughing at my Darth Guhlin heavy breathing.

In spite of that video travesty, I’m grateful to all of you who encouraged me to apply. While I do not believe GTA for Admin to be the end all of professional learning for schools leaders, it presents a wonderful opportunity to connect with other leaders and discuss what we can do…it may be insignificant act on my part, but it’s important that I try anyways.

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