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The TCEA TechEdge’s new editor recently clarified the status of the two columns I write for TechEdge. They’re gone…while articles will still be welcomed–in regards to how they fit into the theme of the current issue–my long-running Download a la Mode column is over.

For the issue [next issue] focusing on collaborate, we are soliciting articles that demonstrate collaboration among teachers, administrators, students (etc.) via varying vehicles such as software, lesson plans, etc.


As for the Download a la Mode column, we will no longer continue that column.
Source: Email, 01/22/2010

Since the column is quite a few years old, I’m going to take a moment to look back….In the years since I started writing Download a la Mode, there have been zillions of web sites, blogs that have provided great access to downloadable software you can use on your PCs.

In fact, I was considering that it would be worthwhile to write an article on “Upload a la Mode” to signify the shift in available web-based resources that enable you to put your content online for others to access. Certainly,, Podomatic, GoogleDocs with its recent changes, and other tools have stepped up and that’s not even scratching the surface!

That said, I thought I’d do a quick retrospective of Download a la Mode back to the first article and subsequent ones here…in the list below, go to the bottom to find the oldest.

  1. Download a la Mode – Reimaging Solutions
  2. Download a la Mode v15
  3. 7 Answers to Frequently Asked Techie Questions
  4. Download a la Mode v9 – Mac Apps Worth Buying (includes Favorite Firefox Add-ons and How to Get Video off the Web)
  5. Download a la Mode v8 – Best of Both Worlds
  6. Download a la Mode 7
  7. Download a la Mode 6 – Apps to Simplify Your Life
  8. Download a la Mode- Part 3
  9. Download a la Mode- Part 2a
  10. Download a la Mode- Part 2
  11. Download a la Mode- Part 1
  12. Download a la Mode
  13. Windows Privacy Tools – A Tutorial for Digital Privacy
  14. Download a la Mode – the original

When you consider how long it’s been (over 10 years), I’m surprised it lasted…the end of a column. These last two years have been tough on columns from a writer’s perspective. My column with Education World came to an end last year.

That said, there are always more opportunities to share what one is learning. I’m happy to note that being able to publish my own writing online via blog has given me a profound sense of satisfaction, even if the only person paying for that writing is me. The satisfaction comes from being able to quickly find what I’ve learned rather than feel like an empty bucket that has a hole leaking the contents.

Thanks to TCEA TechEdge past editor, Kathy Sargent, for keeping me on for so long writing Download a la Mode, to all those who wrote me sharing their appreciation for the ideas and information. I also have to applaud the new editor for realizing it was time for change!

Great to be kept on for the start of a new cattle drive….

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