In response to Molly Valdez’ article–published in TCEA TechEdge in January, 2010–the following comment came in…take a look and share back what you think of Mr. Hanney’s work with Moodle.

I LOVE using Moodle in my classroom. I actually have more students handing in work than on paper and they are excited to turn it in. It also helps me to organize the information that I want students to hand in.

I have also found several modules that I’ve been able to download and install. I’ve used a questionnaire to help my student to self-evaulate themselves on the content they need to learn in my class. I also use the wiki to not only introduce wikis, but to also have students help each other out on different subjects. The bookmarks module lets me introduce social bookmarking and make a list of approved websites my students can go to when they have free time.

All of these help me to create a “walled garden” for my students so we can introduce 21st Century skills while still protecting them from unwanted outsiders.

You can access some of my moodle pages by accessing my page at:

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