Thanks to Joseph Thibault for a link to the Moodle Good Practice wiki via Moodlerific, which has an intriguing introduction:

I’ve been trying to assemble a list of good practice Moodle sites without much success. Several people have offered examples of well designed Moodle sites with a list of courses that are not publicly accessible without an enrolment key. So I can’t actually get inside the courses themselves. And that of course is one of the beefs of the anti-CMS/LMS lobby. That CMSs and LMSs of any kind, even open source alternatives like Moodle, largely operate behind closed doors. Having to go to and log in to see examples in there is a hassle. (Compare with this fully open course)

You can certainly add more courses. Acknowledging Michael Coghlan’s point about having to login being a hassle, I do wish the next version of Moodle–or maybe a plug-in or add-on–would make Moodle more easily accessible and wouldn’t require the login page, even login as guest.

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