When using images from Flickr under Creative Commons, I have relied on one online search engine consistently–FlickrCC.Bluemountains.net–by Peter Shanks. It works great, allows me to add attribution to images found. It also allows for easy image editing!

A newcomer–Sprixi.com–has caught my attention and is pretty easy to use….

For example, I did a quick search on the word “dragon” and came up with this:

I chose a dragon image available and then was asked to rate it, a feature not available on Flickrcc (which sometimes turns up yucky images that are objectionable to K-12):

and then….

The final product looks like this with the appropriate image citation:

Not bad! I may be trying this out in K-12 learning environments where words like “flickr” are blocked out of hand.

Note: For fun, I’m putting the Twitter address for @sprixi to see if it makes it through from Blog post to Twitter via Friendfeed.

via MakeUseOf.com

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