My 10 year old son absolutely enjoyed ScribbleNauts, which we received as a free copy for review along with the rooster hat…He enjoyed it, mind you, not enough to stop playing Star Wars, but enough to spend serious time on it…and serious time for someone who can finish a Nintendo DS Star Wars game in a day and a half–from start to finish–is several hours.

The game works on a simple premise–write it on your DS and the item magically appears on the screen. Big vocabulary? All the better! If you’re not familiar with ScribbleNauts, check out this overview:

The game centers around Maxwell and his quest to obtain Starites. However, to claim them he needs to overcome certain puzzles and these can be solved by summoning items. For example, if a Starite is out of reach, Maxwell can write ladder on his notebook and it will appear, so he can climb it. This is only a very simple example though, as there could be many other ways to obtain the same Starite.

There are approximately 220 levels in the game, and players will be able to summon animals, weapons, forces of nature,famous people (both fictional and real), vehicles, household objects, and even internet memes as they attempt to obtain all of the Starites.

I’d hoped to do a podcast interview with my 10 year old but it didn’t quite come through (we did it, and I lost it and we’ve been a bit busy to do a repeat). Some of the things he liked about ScribbleNauts were the fact he could write anything and bring it to life in the game. You can find an exact list of what, who you can bring into the game online. A comprehensive wiki appears online

You can purchase the game online.

My 16 year old also tried the game out, but it didn’t catch her fancy. 

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