This evening, I’ve been re-discovering Miro, an easy to use portal to a variety of rich media content. Not being an iTunes fanatic–in fact, it’s too doggone confusing and I hate wading through for pay content to find the valuable free stuff–I’ve tried out different solutions, like Songbird. As nice as Songbird is, it didn’t quite do it for me, although it’s definitely a great player for your media library.

Thanks to a tweet by Joyce Valenza, I found myself reviewing the list of 10 greatest open source apps in 2009. While I found the list to reflect great apps, not all of them would have made MY list of open source apps. However, Miro was one I hadn’t looked at in a long time, and I was delighted to discover it’s easy to find access to NPR podcasts–like Fiona Ritchie’s Thistlepod and Terry Gross’ Fresh Air–not to mention a wealth of GNU/Linux podcasts and more content than anyone could listen to in a lifetime…all within easy click and download (including YouTube in HD, as well as Hulu). This makes it easy to download and then listen to the content offline.

You can also add video online that will appear in Miro…and it doesn’t hurt to learn about the process online.

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